• Where does the Twin Cities Film Fest take place?
    In 2020, the vast majority of our films will be streaming online. However, a small number of in-person screenings for TCFF Members, Donors and Sponsors will take place at the Showplace ICON Theatre at the Shops at the West End

    The Showplace ICON Theatre 1625 West End Blvd St. Louis Park, MN 55416

  • Where do my films show up after I purchase them?
    You will need to create an account to purchase or view films. When a film(s) is purchased it will automatically show up in MY MOVIE LIBRARY. You can access that from a icon at the upper right corner of your screen. ONLINE FILMS will say “Ready to Watch” and SPECIAL STREAMING EVENTS will say “Live Event” and can be streamed at the designated date and time.

    When you purchase a ALL ACCESS STREAMING PASS, all of the films will appear in MY MOVIE LIBRARY.

    You can also access your purchased films from individual landing pages.
  • Do I need a special app, such as ROKU, to watch the films on my smartTV?
    We do NOT have an app to push films to a TV. However, we’ve made it easier. If you have a Smart TV, then you can simply go to the built in browser on the TV (essentially somewhere you can access google/yahoo or any search engine), then go to our website (www.twincitiesfilmfest.org) and log in as you would on your laptop. All of you movies will be there for you to watch!

    If your television doesn’t have an internal browser, then you use other methods to connect your device and your smartTV such as bluetooth or an HDMI cable. All televisions are different, so searching for an appropriate youtube tutorial for your television television will probably be beneficial.

    Your ‘movies’ will appear in MY MOVIE LIBRARY.
  • What are Special Streamings Events?
    These are a small number of films that will only stream one time online at a specific date and time. These films will also have additional elements including interviews with celebrities, filmmakers, cast and crew.
  • Can I purchase an individual short film?
    No. All of our short films are organized into three thematic blocks and only available in a block. You can’t purchase short films separately. Viewers have some flexibility when watching films to fast forward and search.

    Short films can be purchased from their individual landing pages or from the block page.
  • Do the ONLINE FILMS expire?
    All of our ONLINE FILMS (not SPECIAL STREAMING EVENTS) can be viewed from October 22nd-31st, 24/7. They do not expire until the last day of the festival and can be streamed in several settings or multiple times. You can use fast forward, search, pause and full screen on the messages, film and post discussion.
  • My films are not playing smoothly and buffering, what can I do?
    As we launched our new online platform, we’re committed to great streaming and playback. Here are some potential solutions to common problems.

    Excessive buffering, glitching or freezing up – a tiny bit of buffering is normal when gaining access to a large digital file at the beginning.. However, it should not be continuous. If you’re having problems with buffering, glitching or freezing up, we’d suggest that you try a different browser. We have found the most problems with FIREFOX. If you’re using that browser, please switch to Safari, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

    Film wouldn’t play – again, it may be the browser. However, make sure you have your ADBLOCKER disabled. That can disrupt playback.

    If your wi-fi service is inadequate, you may also experience problems.
  • Why do I have to turn off my ADBLOCKER to stream films?
    Our films will not play properly if your adblocker is on. Our playback involves several “files” that play in order. The adblocker detects multiple files and prohibits the film from screening on your device. There is no way around it.

    Turning your adblocker on and off is pretty simple once you try it. You can turn it off for a couple of hours to watch the film and then turn it back on. Here is a tutorial link from youtube for the four main browsers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpY5bDy7X7Q

    Turning off your adblocker temporarily will not put your computer in danger of being hacked or corrupted.
  • Will there be a TCFF Festival Lounge?
    In 2020, there will be private receptions in our modified festival lounge located next door to the theater at 1633 West End Blvd., St. Louis Park, MN 55416. Any events happening in the lounge will be invitation only, restricted to a small number of attendees and follow social distancing and health guidelines. There will be no regular hours and no public access to the lounge.
  • How do I reserve seats for the theater screenings?
    if you are a TCFF Member, Donor or Sponsor, you will receive a detailed email regarding how you reserve tickets and select seats for these screenings. IMPORTANT REMINDER – we will be following very strict health guidelines in collaboration with the Showplace Icon Theaters to execute these screenings in a safe, comfortable manner. If you are at high risk for COVID 19, we suggest you don’t consider attending these screenings. Nobody will be allowed to enter the theater exhibiting any COVID 19 symptoms.